Struggling to make sales on Instagram?

Wish you could figure out a way to reach your ideal clients?

Want to stop losing sleep over Instagram strategies that yield minimal result for maximum effort?

Your potential to increase sales through Instagram is there, but your following is minimal.

You’ve followed all the advice you could find, but you have yet to make a single sale.

What gives?

“How can one account have thousands of followers, and mine is barely in the triple digits? Is there something I’m missing?”

Yes. There is something you’re missing.

A dedicated formula designed to increase engagement, reach your ideal customer base and turn followers into paying customers.

Why a formula?

Instagram marketing is a science. You can’t just step in firing on all cylinders hoping for more sales. Science demands research, testing, and practical application.

And guess what?

I’ve created the perfect formula for marketing your business on Instagram.

This formula is multifaceted, ensuring you have a clear plan of action to utilize every aspect of your brand’s Instagram image. This means going beyond posting new items regularly, and delving deep into the importance of lighting and placement, as well as the correct number of hashtags to use (yes, there is a magic number)!

With this tried and true Instagram formula, you’ll not only see an increased following of ideal clients, you’ll see increased sales with less effort and time wasted on strategies that don’t work.

Instagram follower growth happens exponentially once you get the ball rolling. For me, that means I’m making sales while I sleep.

For you, that might mean that you are gaining clients, brand depth, vital industry connections, lucrative influence, and much more all while you focus your attention elsewhere – or sleep.

That’s the beauty of Instagram – when you adapt the science to perfect your approach, Instagram will start returning your investment on autopilot.

“That sounds amazing! Where can I get my hands on this formula?”

Everything you need is right here in…


The InstaBoss℠ Course

That’s right. I’ve created an Instagram Course for the ages. With the InstaBoss℠ Course, I’ll teach you how to not only increase your following, but engage your following to target ideal clients and start making bank.

How It’s Different

I know what you’re thinking… “Oh great… Another how-to course.”

Let’s face it. There are a TON of how-to courses out there on the world wide web. There are even a few reputable Instagram courses for business.

But InstaBoss℠ is Different…

And here’s why:

You’ll learn how to make sales on Instagram, not just gain more followers.

You’ll discover how to zero in on your ideal clients with targeted product or service offerings.

You’ll create a business strategy that allows your Instagram sales to run in your sleep, or while you sip iced tea on the gorgeous pink sand beaches of the Bahamas. You do you, honey. You deserve it.

This course is for you if…

I designed the InstaBoss℠ Course to be beneficial to multitudes of business owners. Anyone can own a business and turn a profit from Instagram. You just need the right tools, which you will get in the InstaBoss℠ Course.

I’ve worked with handmade artists, business coaches, photographers, fitness instructors, bloggers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, infopreneurs, and entrepreneurs of all kinds! I’m here to tell you that you can earn an income from Instagram, and you will see positive results if you follow the InstaBos℠ formula.

Regardless of whether you are just thinking about starting an Instagram business or you have a successful Instagram business established, you’ll love what InstaBoss℠ has to offer.

“I definitely fall into at least one of those categories. What will I get if I enroll in the InstaBoss℠ Course?”

Here’s What You Can Expect from the InstaBoss℠ Course:

Lesson 1 – Why Instagram?

Learn why Instagram is muy caliente for business, and how you can target your ideal clients with just a few helpful adjustments.

Lesson 2 – Posting to Instagram

Posting all willy-nilly won’t get results. Discover the best curation strategies for a cohesive brand.

Lesson 3 – Hashtags

Yes, they do have a purpose. Create hashtags that work for your business, and use existing tags to generate heightened interest in your boutique.

Lesson 4 – Followers

Discover the strategy to gain actual followers. And guess what? These followers will also be ideal clients. Bonus!

Lesson 5 – Email List

Understand why an email list can help boost your Instagram brand, and which tools you should consider before getting started.

Lesson 6 – Shop Shares

Learn how to collaborate with like-minded Instagram Boutique owners and create beneficial business relationships!

Lesson 7 – App Tutorials

Discover the Instagram management apps of your dreams. You’ll learn which apps I use for my business, and how to use them effectively.

Lesson 8 – Iconosquare

I’ll give you my best tips and tricks for this priceless analytics app. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this module. And just FYI, you won’t be able to find these helpful hints anywhere else!

Lesson 9 – Loop Giveaways

Leverage the lovely invention of the Instagram Loop for increased exposure for your business with giveaways!

Lesson 10 – Spreesy

Another module you will NOT want to miss. This lesson shows you how to use Spreesy to automate your Instagram Sales. Remember those Sangrias on the beach? Yeah, Spreesy’s going to be your BFF during your vacation.

Lesson 11 – Flash Sales

Create Flash Sales that generate a profit! You’ll learn how to mark down items appropriately, and sell your items quickly.

Lesson 12 – My Daily Routine

I’ll give you my EXACT schedule for my business. Not quite down to the minute, but pretty close! Plus, I’ll give you a few valuable insights that few business owners are not likely to share with you!

Lesson 13 – Brand Reps

Yes, you can have Brand Representatives. I’ll show you how to look for ideal brand representatives, and the best ways to work with those reps to keep your brand relevant and selling like hot cakes!

Lesson 14 – Time Management

This is probably one of the most important lessons you will learn in the InstaBoss Course. Proper time management skills are crucial to running a successful business. I’ll share the BEST time management tips to help you keep a handle on your sanity and your business.

Lesson 15 – Resources

Even more resources for you to tap into! You’ll be a frequent visitor of this lesson. I guarantee it!

Lesson 16 – Staying Up To Date

Remaining relevant on Instagram is critical to maintaining an in-demand brand. I’ll share a few tips that will keep your content evergreen, as well as a few new tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

Lesson 17 – Course Overview

We’ll recap everything we’ve discussed, and reevaluate your goals for your business.

Lesson 18 – Affiliates

Once you officially become an InstaBoss℠ you’ll have the opportunity to become an InstaBoss℠ Course Affiliate!

All of this knowledge for an affordable investment of



The Perks

The InstaBoss℠ Course will teach you how to run your Instagram boutique on auto pilot. You’ll also have access to the InstaBoss℠ Facebook Group, in which you will find over 2000 Instagram business owners to connect and collaborate with.

What exactly does that mean?

It means you don’t have to stress out about making enough sales this month.

It means that you can collaborate with other Instagram business owners who have been, or are currently, in your shoes.

It means you can lay your head on your pillow knowing that your business is STILL working for you.

It means that you are bringing in bank, even when you’re out to lunch, getting a massage, or binge watching your favorite Netflix program.

Don’t take it from me, check out the testimonials these InstaBosses experienced after taking the course!


“I absolutely loved Jennifer’s e-course! I was lost on Instagram before but what I learned really helped me get my bearings about using Instagram for Business. Before her videos I was around 4,000 followers, now I have over 20,000!”

Monique Fee @rockabowdesigns


“Having a small business can be super tricky, yet so rewarding! With Jennifer and her Insta boss group and mentality, she has helped me open new doors and take my business to places I didn’t even know I could go. I am so thankful for everything she has done and all the awesome advice she has given.”

Taylor Aden Petty @shopadenanns


“Jennifer’s course was an inspiration to me- I love to learn new things and Instagram was in my to do list- with just under 200 followers- I started with Jennifer’s course and grew to 2k in a little over a month- sales soared and my Facebook sales grew in turn! Thanks Jennifer for your easy to follow course and amazing suggestions! You were cataclysmic to my growth.”

Shari Assad Aussant @mermaidsoncapecod

Don’t forget to visit their Instagram Boutiques to see the results for yourself!

Here’s What You Get

  • 18 Step-by-step self-paced lessons so you can learn on your own time and in a way that is convenient for you.
  • Downloadable worksheets, goal sheets, video tutorials, and recommended daily reading relevant to each respective topic.
  • Access to a Facebook group for you and your fellow participants in the course. You’ll be free to ask each other questions, support one another, and network all in the same space!
  • Access to a Facebook group with over 2,000 elite boutiques and bloggers where the success of the hive-mind effect is apparent in every post.
  • Affiliate opportunities that can yield you $30 per e-course referral once you complete the course.

Ready to take business by the horns and become an InstaBoss?

The InstaBoss Course



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